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The Story

Seven years ago, who would have ever thought that our little backyard boogie would one day be hosted on the other side of the world?  It’s sometimes hard to live in the moment and truly appreciate how blessed we are to be doing what we love,  but a week long excursion in The Philippines this past July was just what the doctor ordered.  Part of the overall beauty of Do-Over is being able to experience the local culture of each market and fully enjoy the sights, the sounds, the food & the people.  Well, no trip to The PI is complete without a fellow Beat Junkie on your side (and an evening of midget boxing) so it was an honor to bring along our friend, Rhettmatic for his first ever DJ gig in The Motherland alongside Bugz In The Attic’s Daz-I-Kue.  Before The Do-Over ManiLA, we escaped the hustle and bustle of the city and ventured through the country side and made our way to the South China Sea.  It was here, in the secluded Punta Fuego seaside community where the magic first started.  From sun up to sun down, Rhett, Daz & local beatmaker Red-I, drew inspiration from one another and shared their influences to collaborate together as well as create their own tracks over the course of the entire trip. The result was an abundance of tropical heat.  
As for the actual party, that was a story of it’s own.  Let’s just say Filipino Time is no joke and we ended the party at 5am after countless tea pots of sangria, bottles of Red Horse (in search of the lucky bottle) and bbq pork on a stick.  All in all, The Do-Over ManilLA was an experience like no other.  From the capacity turnout to the overall respect and hospitality of the people, we were truly honored and blessed to have brought our little backyard boogie to the fine people of The Philippines.  As a token of our appreciation, we would like to share the music that was created on this journey.  Very special thanks to The B-Side Crew (Anna, Erick & PJ), Red-I Sound & adidas Originals.


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